In cases of serious errors that affect the article in a material way (but do not fully invalidate its results) or significantly impair the reader’s understanding or evaluation of the article, ELIGIBLE : Journal of Social Sciences will publish a correction note(s) that is linked to the published article. The published article will be left unchanged.

If ELIGIBLE : Journal of Social Sciences receives a complaint that any contribution to the Journal infringes copyright or other intellectual property rights or contains material inaccuracies, libelous materials or otherwise unlawful materials, ELIGIBLE : Journal of Social Sciences and the Publishers (LLDIKTI III DKI Jakarta) will investigate the complaint. Investigation may include a request that the parties involved substantiate their claims.

ELIGIBLE : Journal of Social Sciences will make any effort to clearly identify a retracted article as such. If an investigation is underway that might result in the retraction of an article ELIGIBLE : Journal of Social Sciences may choose to alert readers by publishing an expression of concern.

In accordance with the "Retraction Guidelines" by the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE), ELIGIBLE : Journal of Social Sciences will retract a published article if:

  1. there is clear evidence that the findings are unreliable, either as a result of misconduct (e.g. data fabrication) or honest error (e.g. miscalculation); 
  2. the findings have previously been published elsewhere without proper cross-referencing, permission or justification (i.e. cases of redundant publication);
  3. it constitutes plagiarism;
  4. it reports unethical research, and;
  5. An article is retracted by publishing a retraction notice that is linked to or replaces the retracted article.